Why Pakistan hates us?

14 Aug

61 years ago pakistan never existed.It was created to serve political hunger of Muhammad Jinnah, who hated Hindus and knew he would never be in the Government if he had to rule free and unpartitioned India.There were some errors by congress namely M.K Gandhi and Pt.J.L Nehru who agreed in dividing the nation.That was quite unlucky.This resulted in Killing of Gandhi by Nathu Ram Godse,whose works arestill banned.Why his works are banned?

Well in last 61 years,every pakistani has hated Indians(exceptions are still there). Wether they wear a mask of love or compassion but the reality is that from childhood they are taught to hate indians.I am quoting an abstract here of a Pakistani women you can read more here.

See this also http://changinguppakistan.wordpress.com/tag/isi/

“As a woman from Pakistan who immigrated to the United States, I would like to tell everyone that there are people in Pakistan who do not show such hatred toward others.”

“I grew up in Pakistan and we were always taught to hate India, Israel and America. Our school books described Christians, Jews and Hindus as evil people, and unfortunately most Pakistanis exhibit a lot of hatred because of this. I was ashamed when Pakistanis celebrated on the streets after innocent people were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks

Women in Islam do not have any freedom and four women are considered to be equal to one man.”

Mind you i am not writing this to spread hatred.Every one knows about Indians and their History.We have always teached the world about peace and may be this is what we get back.The people who were once part of our country are sowing seeds to destroy us.Why is it so? First of they started killing of hindus and sikhs in partiotion era.Then they send millitants to destroy Kashmiri Pandits who were living their since centuries.They have bombed each and every state in India.And now they are fuelling Amarnath Shrine Issue..

Why is it so?

Quoting from a news abstract..”This is New Delhi’s third warning to Islamabad in a week asking the latter to desist from meddling in its internal affairs, indicating that such posturing has the potential to derail the over four-year-old peace process between the two neighbours

Hitting hard at Pakistan’s attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue, India on Wednesday warned Islamabad to desist from such a course of action that is “gratuitous and illegal” and has the potential to harm the peace process between the two countries. ”

14 August is mourning and 15 August is a celebration?


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  1. raveesh August 17, 2008 at 11:12 am #

    you r right, i m with u

    • Truth November 4, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

      First of all i just wanted to say that indian are totally different from pakistan ……
      we hate indian and we will hate india ……i dont know about jews, christian, america i actually like them lol but i just hate indianssss…
      2nd thing …u were saying that we r allowed to marry wit 4 woman ….r u insane …..first go and find the truth …. we r allowed to marry with widow to save thier lives and the main thing if ur wife give u permission then u can marry ….otherwise its a sin….
      3rd i will hate you and will hate uu ……..byee take care :)

      • gandi February 22, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

        your just jealous because pakistan is a third world shithole and you guys are starving while india is doing much bettor than you guys typical pakistani eating indian shit for breakfeast lunch and dinner

      • anonymous March 7, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

        bloody muslam

        aaaa thuuuuuuuuuu.

        spitts on ur face.

      • ajay April 16, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

        truth is that we should attack on pakistan & destroy all the terrorist element after that make a hindu prime minister in there…..

      • lol May 6, 2011 at 5:59 am #

        hahaha you a dumbass bro! India owns pakistan…you guys would be NOTHING without us..

      • nidhi gaur June 22, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

        shut up liar…u pakistanis hate Americans and israelis..!!…u r simply saying that u only hate indians…and pakistanis marry more than a one woman specially those people who read lot of quran!!!…their mind gets contaminated after reading all that..i am not religious at all…i have read around 50 to 60 pages of almost every holy book…but i must say quran is the worst…it sucks!!!…i find bible a good one…gita is good…but the best one is tipitaka which is buddhist holybook…seriously!!…quran is the worst!!!…i threw it away after reading 32 pages!!!

  2. Not Biased October 12, 2008 at 2:58 pm #

    Well, First of all, i need to know that all you are describing in here is what you have learnt from your own culture isnt it.
    The first point you made about Jinnah was absolutley wrong , you should learn in from non-biased (masses)literature what was the aim, as it will take a lot of time to explain in here ,but its not like the way you are saying ,as Mr. Jinnah already knew he was suffering from a disease and he took promise from a hindu doctor not to spread his news of illness as he knew the motives of congress. He already knew he will die, and he knew what will happen after majoirty prevails over minorities( examples are infront of you in india , attacks on christains, muslims and even on sikhs).

    I know one incident that contradicts your theory about pakistani hates hindus , when indian cricket team(i am sure you must know this) visits pakistan there was no demonstrations against any of them ,but pakistani team was always welcomed with threats.

    Regarding Kashimr, Majority there is of Muslims, and as per constitution majority should rule and state can decide where they need to shift after partition happened ( did India ever think about it?).
    Sikh shrines are far more safe in pakistan than in india.
    You can check the statistics of rape, killing for dowry and degrading relation is more in hindus than in pakistan ( Its all about searching the right content and try not to be unipolar).

    I respect your statements as you have your point of view and may be i can be wrong about certain things but,the remarks you submitted just needed guidance of truth.

    • raman June 4, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

      mr baised you r talking about the muslim of india do u know dr APJ ABDUL KALAM was the president of india.Dr manmohan singh is the prime minister of INDIA. Indian goverment provide the many facilities to muslims.A muslim citizen of INDIA has more rights than a hindu citizen.population of muslim is increasing at higher rate than hindus.INDIA declare itself a seculerist country.Now look at ur country.Has pakistan goverment provided any special right to hindus?In school students r tought to hate the people of other religion and I dont know that by Which information u r comparing the situation of woman between SECULAR INDIA AND UR PAKISTAN

    • bchandran September 27, 2010 at 6:47 am #

      can u ever imagine a hindu prime minister/president in ur country??

    • Kartik March 29, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

      Dear ‘Not Biased’

      How well has Pakistan done in being a ‘safe haven’ for Muslims?
      You might recall the genocide of 1971 when 3 million of your fellow Pakistanis in Bengal were murdered by your army to contain political opposition and secessionist sentiments. No incident in India comes within even a tenth of the magnitude of what you did in erstwhile East Pakistan.
      Sufi, Shia, and Ahmedi shrines and gatherings are bombed by extremist Wahabbi militants in Pakistan every other day. India’s Muslim community has never seen a single incident of inter-sectarian violence.
      A group of 16 Pakistani Muslims from the Ahmedi sect recently burned their passports in Delhi to prevent being deported back to their own nation; where they feared ‘persecution’ at the hands of the Sunni majority. The day Hindus from a minor sect start migrating to Pakistan to escape persecution in India, I promise to chop my balls off and send them to you by courier. Maybe I could throw in a finger or two for free, too.
      A.R. Rahman, a musician and a former Hindu who voluntarily rejected Hinduism and embraced Islam; was awarded the Oscar for best sound track last year. His victory was celebrated all across India and people from all faiths and regions look up to him as a wonder of a human being who did this great nation proud. There has never even been any comment about his religious inclination even from fundamentalist Hindu groups.
      Contrast this with a situation in Pakistan. When Veena Malik was in the Bigg Boss house, a rumor broke out on the internet that she had converted to Hinduism. Just a rumor, mind you. Within hours the Facebook page ‘I hate Veena Malik’ was inundated by hate messages from Pakistanis, many of them women; the mildest of which sounded like ‘Veena U BEGHAIRAT PERSON. INSHALLAH WEN I C U I WILL CUT YOUR HEAD OF AND MADE U DROWN IN UR OWN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!’ and the likes.
      Please note it’s only Muslims I’m talking about till now. The community your nation was supposed to be a heavenly, peaceful abode for. I haven’t even touched the subject of religious minorities in Pakistan.
      Granted some horrific incidents of communal violence have happened in India, as an Indian I’m ashamed of them, but they have ALWAYS been spontaneous, passionate acts of retaliation (Sabarmati Express burnt–> Gujarat anti-Muslim riots. Indira Gandhi assassinated–> anti-Sikh agitations in Delhi). I’m not saying that any of these horrible incidents were justified; only that these are fundamentally different from what happens in Pakistan. In Pakistan, generations after generations of young Muslims in madrassas and militant camps are brainwashed into hating India and Hindus. The idea that “Hindus= Kuffar. Killing Kuffar = Jannah” is systematically ingrained into their brains by a combination of propaganda, brainwash routines, negative portrayal in media and bias in standardized textbooks. You saw the result in 26/11. And please don’t say that Pakistan wasn’t even involved. Your unequivocal support for terrorist organizations is a fact attested by not just the CBI and Mossad, but by the FBI, Afghan foreign ministry, German foreign ministry and Scotland Yard (in connection to the subway bombings in London).

      At the end of the day, India is far more tolerant, far more peaceful, and a far SAFER NATION FOR MUSLIMS. To deny this is to deny history, deny facts, and to deny the opinions of all the world’s major media that’s neutral on this issue .

      As for the Kashmir issue, there’s an independence movement in Balochistan in your own nation (personally I really enjoyed that video in which demonstrators in Quetta were shouting themselves hoarse with repetitions of ‘Pakistan ka matlab kya? L*** pe chadhey hamara kya!’). What do you think Pakistan should rather do? Give them independence, halve the size of the nation, invigorate other independence movements in Sindh, KP and Gilgit-Balt., and set the stage for foreign powers like India to use Balochistan as a base for containing Pakistan’s influence? Or hold on, try to satisfy the people’s dissents, and solve whatever issues without destroying the integrity of Pakistan as a nation? Now put yourself in India’s shoes and think along the same terms. FACT= We’re never letting go of J&K. Accept it, deny it. The choice is yours.
      India may have some negativities, but we are arriving at the world stage and rushing towards a progressive future at a rate that has left the world dizzy. Pakistan, meanwhile, is going down the drain as we speak.

      All the very best. Try living up to your little pen-name.

  3. Indian-79 December 5, 2008 at 5:07 am #

    Hi Mr Raveesh,

    I completely disagree with you on the point that Muslims in Kashmir should be given a choice to decide whether they want to stay with India or not.I dont understand what is the problem of Pakistan if Kasmiris & Kashmir stay as a part of India?There are muslims in other countries as well like US,UK,Israel etc..SO why dont Pakistan middle their & support those muslims to spread terrorism there & ask for a separate state?Pakistan should remain happy with its own territory & pay attention to its own development rather than always supporting Kashmiri muslims to become terrorist & kill innocent people in India.

  4. Indian-79 December 5, 2008 at 5:42 am #

    Hi Mr. Not Biased,

    I completely disagree with you on the point that Muslims in Kashmir should be given a choice to decide whether they want to stay with India or not.I dont understand what is the problem of Pakistan if Kasmiris & Kashmir stay as a part of India?There are muslims in other countries as well like US,UK,Israel etc..So why dont Pakistan midiate there & support those muslims to spread terrorism there so that they can ask for a separate state?Pakistan should remain happy with its own territory & pay attention to its own prosperity development rather than always supporting Kashmiri muslims to become terrorist & kill innocent people in India.

    Why Pakistanis can’t tolerate Kashmiris to stay with India..Why..Why & Why?Is it because of the fact that India had defeated Pakistan in previous wars? Oh..common US also bombed & completeley destroyed Japan in world war-II but that didnt hamper the good relationship between those 2 countries later.Japan has now a very good & strong relationship with US in every aspect.Why pakistan is always concerned about muslims who stay in India?I wonder..!!!

    India is not causing any harm to Pakistani citizens by sending terrorist to their soil & killing them.

    So we should live like brothers & have a very cordial realtionship which will take both the countries way ahead in future.They can become major economic as well as military powers in Asia.
    May God fulfill my wish….

  5. rohit kumar December 5, 2008 at 12:46 pm #

    the reason is simple man , pakistan can’t see our development ,

    as we are becomeing a next superpower along with china ,

    we are super-power in every field in this world ,

    and they want to break our democracy

    so , my friend this is the only reason

    • gokul August 5, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

      hahaha. wat u r telling is absolutely correct dude. nice point

  6. Aayudh December 30, 2008 at 9:10 pm #

    About the Jinnah issue I don’t know much about that but its true that the people behind our freedom are responsible for this unending feud, man I hate this partition matter, I only wish for unity in between these two nations, we are one for god’s sake, but this is the so called practicality, if u ask me I will say patriotism is insane if u talk about these two nations, how fool we are, it breaks me badly whenever I see people of these two countries hating each other for not a big reason, although I have many Pakistani friends and I am proud of it, but yet I hate the borderline dividing us, may God give us sanity so that we can look clearly who we are, patriotism is just a synonym of Hate, sometimes this stupid feud forces me to think that is it sane to sacrifice a life for protecting such a hatred for our children and so on, so many wars are these two nations destiny, I can only hope that “we”, the so called peace lover, will ever get united. Seriously speaking, I don’t even like my own country, because we have forgotten how to live in peace, how to cooperate, how to forgive, how to think. We are not developing, we are falling, slowly, slowly.

  7. Jade January 3, 2009 at 11:44 pm #

    Why can’t we all just get along????????????

  8. KasHIF July 21, 2009 at 5:50 pm #

    what ever you wrote is totally wrong,Pakistan was needed to be created because of the huge cultural,religious difference between the muslims and hindus.You hindus ploted with the britishers to suppress muslims,in every field you tried to degrade the muslims and to put cover on your own mistakes.if YOu would have studied the history muslims ruled over the SOuth Asia As a Force.I am talking about the mughal Emperor.MOhammad Bin Qasim a 16 year old captain conquered South Asia can you even imagine a 16-!7 year man doing it .IT were the muslims from the beginning all these indians came later and then muslims lost power because they avoided thier religion.You hindus always do cheap things by stopping water flow which lead to Indus treaty,you hindus attacked Pakistan and were defeated badly.Every bad thing was started by India.And you try to show that you are innocent through Media.you guyz talk Big but in the end you can’t chew it.your LEader gandhi the one who weared dhoti was nothing compared to Mr Jinnah.Mr jinnah was a great MAn.what are your soldiers doing in KAshmir is taht the way you want to have kashmir by killing many innocent muslim women children who cant’t even defend themselves.You guys are pathetic you don’t even have any Honour.all you do is drag Pakistan To Put Cover on Yourself.

    • Kuldeep August 1, 2009 at 10:06 am #

      Mr kashif,
      Your Understanding about India, Indians and kashmir is totally wrong… may be you are not responsible for that … you might have studied this in your schools and that is what is taught to children in schools in Pakistan. I am jain (Jain religion is oldest religion followed in the world). Population of jain in India is less than 1% .(hindu>75% Muslims around 20% in India) . Though we are minority I never had any problem with any other religions. I have many friends from Hindu,Muslim, christ, baudh, jain. Tomorrow only I am going to attend marriage of my Muslim girl friend.. That is what we Indians are.. I am proud of my Indian muslim brothers (they know Islam better than you Pakistanis) and they equally love their state INDIA… Due to your pakistani terrorists islam has got bad name. WHAT EVER YOU TRY YOU CAN NOT BREAK OUR UNITY (I do agree there are few indians who have lost the correct path… Mind it they will get treatment soon)

    • george December 5, 2009 at 9:16 pm #

      This obsession for religion is the main reason why muslims are the most backward people in this planet.

    • pakistan sucks balls February 22, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

      your just a silly ass fagget that cant get over the fact that pakistan sucks and that islam is a piece of shit i wouldnt be surprised if your like every other pakistani begging indians for food hahaha pakistanis suck indian cock

    • india power April 27, 2011 at 11:11 am #

      kasif teri maa ki chut maru,behan ke land-do baar 1971 aur 1999 me tumhari maa chodi thi aur aaj tu bolta hain ki india haara tha-abe fate hue condom ki aulad-apni maa ki chut chaat

      • Lijoy Rodrigues November 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

        wah wah!!! india power!!! kya baat hai!!!!

        yeh kashif kutta hai bhenchoud.
        mar kutte mar

    • boring comment November 11, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

      Mr jinnah is a dickhead bitch

  9. Kaushik August 4, 2009 at 9:10 am #

    Dear Friend,

    India is a secular country. We indians never discriminate us among religion. It is the false message you have got . We
    will live united even if we have diff religion, caste systems.

    • Secularist August 5, 2009 at 5:06 pm #

      Dear all,
      One of the friends has posted that India has lost in a war with Pakistan.May be he doesn’t know the History.In all the four wars (in 1947,in 1965,in 1971 and in 1999) ONLY INDIA HAS WON.How can one forget the 1971 war?
      The real thing is that Pakistan is unable to tolerate our growth in various fields.They themselves are drowning in the religious sea.The politicians there are making people to beleive that Kashmir is the only solution to all their problems.
      Just a small comparison.Can you name a good leader in Pakistan after Jinnah and Liyakath ali khan who ruled the country in a democratic manner?Of course,they may say about Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.But what happened to him?He was hanged by his successor.Look at India.There was(and will not be) a single attempt made by the people here to ruin the democracy.That is the power of India-a real secular country.

  10. gokul August 5, 2009 at 4:46 pm #

    Though india is seperated with many states, languages, religions, we people r indians. eventhough we fought eachother internally, if the country like pakistan try to use tat v ll come together and fight till last drop of blood to protect our own nation. mind it, kashmir is also a part of india and they are treated as our own brothers apart from hindu, muslims or christain.

  11. ujala August 14, 2009 at 4:42 pm #

    i dont understand why people dont try to look at the truth and make their own views but the thing is that the reality could never be hidden even if it is in millions of viels.
    Pakistan made because congress refused to allow the muslim league to make their government according to the rules. muslim league had more seats in assembly as compare to congress in the elections of 1945 and they were afraid of what they did with muslims after wining the 1935 elections. so they chose the option of parition given by british government. Quaid-e azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah talked about the equal rights of muslims and struggled for their sake and therefore the formation of Pakistan came through him but it had to be done………………

  12. ujala August 14, 2009 at 4:49 pm #

    i dont want to prove it that who really has right to own kashmir but the question is that if a born free human being dont want to live as a slave then no one has right to do so with him. this is what is going on in kashmir. has anyone asked them what do they want they are the citizens of kashmir and they own the right to live with their own choice.
    people who talk about the freedom of expression, freedom of living they should also think about freedom of choice………..

  13. ujala August 14, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

    i want to ask that whether anyone heard about any incident regarding the burning of hindu areas in pakistan like india, has anyone heard about the killing of hindus in bulk no not yet in pakistan. we provide all minorities equal rights in every field of life even they have freedom to celebrate their festivals in their own way. no one has right to blame Pakistan who dont have knowledge and create their selfsatisfactory views.

    • Indianand world citizen January 27, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

      /yeah , your forefathers did that to all hindu women and men in partition and thats how you get yor land. Go read history, people like you are ignorant and it is ridiculous that you guys cant even research internet before you open your loud mouths! Why were kashmiri pandits removed from muslim majority state ??? Go reasearch and dont talk and if Jinnah was sooo good why didt he create a message of peace for you guys to leave in? Why do you guys explode everyday in your country? why is pakistan such a bif problem in the world? it is good to have pride in your country but denial is the worst enemy for you guys right now! if you have sense go and research your country and help those who are suffering. Dont sit here and blah blah

  14. ujala August 14, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    analysis is so necessary in each and every thing in this world and we read everything in our books but we know how to analyse the right and wrong. we dont close our eyes, ears and minds like the people so they could not see, hear and think about the realities of nature. what we learn in our books would not be so hatred i think because this is what is continuously reflecting in the whole conversation. we always try to solve things but u all try to complicate the things, try to prove us wrong. one who always tries to prove others wrong shows himself that he must be wrong.
    if we hate indians then this is due to the duel behaviour of indians not our books, our culture or our teachers. u always claim that u want to be our friend but u never try to look things positively. u blame us for each and everything wrong in ur country, every bomb blast, every rebelian, every incident of terrorism like u all are angels and never did anything abusive. this is what’s the difference between u and us. so simple, may be u could ever be ble to think with ur own mind remaining as neutral as we all should be……………….

  15. Pakistani boy August 19, 2009 at 9:09 pm #

    Dear Indians,

    Nice to know that India is developing very fast. true. But why is it after the cold war was over and India recognized israel? Is not it true that all the software companies who are in India today were in Israel before.
    Both Indians and Jews are have same nature. No matter what Pakistanies say about kashmir or any injustice, India has found the solution for it, Might is right. Make the mighty friend and you are good. Smart, is’t it?
    The way Jews control media and govt in USA, Indians are getting training and play the drama with the training they get from israel.
    Pakistan should not take Israel as a friendly state, any way

  16. Pakistani boy August 19, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    Sorry Pakistan should take Israel as friendly state, any way since Muslims and Jews did not have any big conflict in the past

  17. Abhisek shukla September 25, 2009 at 10:57 am #

    at the time of partition ,there are many states,it was depend on theier state heads(raja or nawab),they may decide to part of india,pak or as a free nation.Raja hari singh was ruler of kashmir in 1947 he signed on agreement with indian gov. that he will be part of india,that time you bloody dogs(pakistani kutte) entered in kashmir & attacks on india,captured one third of kashmir.main issue is when you dogs will give us back our part of kashmir.because you are dogs,in INDIA dogs are treated by a law kutte ko smjhate hain samajh me aye to thik nahi to pagal kutte ko goli marte hain.
    you bloody pakistanis why talking about islam if islam is only region become a country why bangaladesh is not with you,what your militry has done their (90000 militry men dearmed by us).moreover why 56 muslim countries are in the world.bloody paki. do you know we are trying to give you soft msgs,plg. donot do terrist attacks on india.
    remember we are 100crores hindustani jis din marenge bhagne ke liye rasta nahi milega.your teatment in the world only indian army can do.these firangi can not give you proper medicines.

    • bilal August 28, 2010 at 5:56 am #

      reading the words clarify ur mind and thinking.every one can make his opinion based on his thinking,attitude of mind.This is a harsh reality that no one can persuade or convince other eg two persons are communicating and suppose discussing three topics and share 10 points on each topic,its likely both are correct on 50 50 onany topic or the ratio could change but point to make over here is that no two persons are correct even on same topic 100 percentally so for possitive communication we have to accept points that ur heart feel are correct and to give ur acceptane on it.Go to history first to make some opinion listen to both sides then investigate what happen in the past then put away ur own personal opinion/emotions only then u wil be able to make opinion as a judge.

  18. Mark Cranson October 16, 2009 at 1:06 am #

    Funny how they are taught to hate America!!!! Considering we are their LARGEST aid doners. 7.5 BILLION US dollars just signed for Pakistan aid over the next five years!!! Were just too nice!

    • bilal August 28, 2010 at 7:06 am #

      Dear mark its true that most of the pakistani hate america and america is the biggest dooer not only to pakistan but to other countries as well but let me clarify u one thing we pakistani people dont hate american people how could we hate u when people of america are educated,doctors,engineers etc and contributing for the welfare of humanity vie researcs, developments and new solutions to problems.
      You have a Q why v hate america?
      one good thing about americans is they try to research to reach to opinion.
      Iam going to give you some hints to the best of my fair opinion and its quiwt possible that some of it might wrong kindle if you find so let me clarify.
      1- Learn the creation and justification of institution of world institution after world war 2 and see theri actual role and implication in current world.
      2- learn even since laste 100 years hoe many years america was in a state of war against any country.
      3- Current no. of American basis in the world and geographic situation.
      4- American clear stance in israel phalisteen issue, how many time their is any resolution in UN and america vito it,just forget for some time muslims opinion and to consider isuue b/w two country people ,try to get history of stste creation and misrey of people , a human being will reach to his opinion.
      5- American acts in political favour in different countries.
      6- American foreign office statement we are not friend of any country rather our relation is of our interests.
      7- why american give us aid obviously to protect its interest and majority of this aid ultimately goes to corrupt governmental people.
      8- Every nation has to make of his own decisions but its the opinion of pakistani people that we always make almost every decision what american require from us against the will of pakistani people.
      Pakistan facing same problems like france was facing before french revolution, we are facing extreame corruption and un justice against our people, there is only 15 to 20 percent voying turnover and ruling party end up in taking around 6 to 7 percent of total population of pakistan.
      There is a qualification criteria like any other law but never followed.highly corrupt, illetrate people whome are not even capable to make their family decisions being selected to make country decisions.
      Most of these corrupt people are either directly involved or favours majority of the crims in pakistan like killing of innocent people.
      Well i could write thousands of more words ,knows my own problems and the acts of country and their people as well but its my request not to make opinion in isolation, learn behaviours and acts of nations and their people.
      Majority of the population believe on ALLAH(God).people have information of ALLAH(God) through messangers.we muslims believe and respect all messangers including mosas, jesus, David etc.Q.why people of world beleave on creator(God)Why single humane being is one you are you and i am i.our birth process, eating process and consistent days and night system etc their is a logic science justify it but for a moment forgrt it and think why human beings or cars atc cant created like a seed become plant and grow.
      if your mind and hears justify things then kindly read religions of the world with open mind,dont go for what people are saing or acting rather what their literature says because if 9 out of 10 people are saying the creature (donkey) standing in front of u is a lion then in democracy its become and treated as a lion but reality does not change that its a donkey and the 1 person was right.
      as a human heing u r my brother and respectable to me and i cant hate my brother so people of pakistan(majority of it) cant hate people of america.

  19. Joby John February 19, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    Dear Pakistanis..

    Do you think that all problems created by India, that was wrong. On the time of partition, Mahatma Gandhi asks to Mr. Jinnah to avoid the separation of hearts. After partitioning, you made the first mistake is that infiltrate militants to our country and killed our innocent people in Kashmir. After you killed our kashmiree brothers, we are fight back and you were lost the war. Please analysis yourself, all war and conflict started by you, with the help of ISI. What happen in Kargil and Mumbai? All the evil operations done by ISI. India lost the war with china, but we didn’t infiltrate militants to their country or never killed innocent people in china, that was our culture. Indian try to peace with every nation including Pakistan. This is good time to rethink. I heard that many Pakistanis are intelligent as like Indians. But you used your brain for evil things, turn it and used your brain to develop your country.
    US already giving, very huge amount for developing your country. But yet you were in same stage (poor). I can proudly say that India developing, with the bless of god. I’m a Christian; I feel freedom in my country. One more thing one pak gay wrote that, Muslims are struggling in India, Please check out our history many leading politicians are Muslims. Many celebrities are Muslims, can you show one Hindu or Christian political leader in your country. I heard about one Pakistan Hindu cricketer, but in our India many Muslim brothers lead our cricket team. India not builds with the help of any religion. We develop our nation with our patient and love. In India we have different culture different religion and different political thoughts , but we are all stand under one FLAG…The democratic Indian flag……… . Jai Hind

  20. kitti March 7, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    that bloody mujahideens and al quidas were born to allah and some bitches

  21. Abu May 27, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    I am an indian muslim and I love my country. The only thing pakistan has done is spoil the name of Islam

    • LOVE July 2, 2011 at 4:31 am #


  22. Ajay Rajput June 1, 2010 at 7:46 am #

    India is indeed the country with most fascinating history. if Indian history was ever ruined then it was not by britishers but my moslems. For centuries India was ruled by native people under which it developed and became the center of attraction for the world. Then came the Moslems, who started to destroy every thing and they did destroyed the peace of the nation by forcing their religion on the native people. this is something they still follow. If i say this was the religion with its foundation in blood, it won’t be wrong.
    It was founded, built and maintained on the basis of open warfare. Its a religion that breed slavery, slavery towards Allah and those who deny to accept it are murdered.
    About Kashmir, i find this very thought of Kashmir as a part of Pakistan very funny, that When before 1947 pakistan had no identity and it became a separate entity only after dividing India, then how on the holy earth can they claim Kashmir? Had India been parted off from Pakistan and then taken kashmir, i might have accepted their claim. but looking at current circumstances i find this thing very funny.

  23. WHOEV June 1, 2010 at 8:04 am #


  24. bushra June 24, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    though india was a most fasinating country of history but at that time pakistan was not founded and you indians have cheated and took all the lands and gave us the small piece of land you indian are cheaters that why we pakistanis hate you all endian

    • BRUISED INDIAN October 1, 2010 at 1:23 pm #

      Small country? You got the most agrarian land (for the nubile minded child in you – agrarian means Agricultural land)- The Punjab. Jinnah, who in my opinion was just an intellctually bankrupt politician thriving on his so called education from England and fine clothing, demanded Pakistan – even if it is the size of a HANDKERCHIEF! Read the archives of the Indian Assembly whilst ruled by the Empire.

      Back to your founding father – he claimed to have demanded a land for the subcontinents Muslims based on the tennets of Islam and equal rights to other minorities! Isnt that an oxymoron to begin with?
      On where you mentioned cheating: Pakistan is a known rogue state, however its that essential rogue which is required to tackle your home grown terrorism across the globe. Pakistani Establishment is cheating the Americans of its last drop, and also their band of Mullah Omars and his band baja party. Cheating by Cricketers, by Politicians Mr. 10%, Nawaz Shariff, the recent flood waters diverted by the Landlords to protect their fiefdom; you name it. Cheating runs deep in your country and blood. Conspiracy theory thriving land that you have on your hands, its no surprise that you guys blame India for your internal ‘Effed’ up state of affairs. Lastly, one of the most respected Diplomats of the world called Pakistan “an International Migraine”, Madeline Albright, Former US Secretary of State. So many slaps and insults are met out to Pakistan but shamelesness is just your way of life and existence!

  25. kesh July 21, 2010 at 6:40 am #

    why u pakistanis move on and do somthing you can be proud of and you have to achived some positive achivements instead of sponsor terrorrist issues further more THE DAYS WHEN MR M GZNAVI USED TO COME IN TO INDIA AND HELP HIM SELF TO LOOT TEMPLES AND SLAUGHTER FEW THOUSEND HINDUS ARE WELL GONE SO IS HE

  26. Enchanter July 22, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    Bushra u do hate indians but as an indian i still love u….

  27. Enchanter July 22, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    U hate indians…right bushra?but we indian still love pakistani soil coz prezent indian and pakistan are son of one same mother nd we indians love pakistanis…..

  28. ABHINAV August 9, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    i think this haterednesss has not done any good for the people on either sides for me both countries should focus on development and poverty , there is no point in politicising this issue this only gonna help the personal causes of the politician it is always the common man that suffers.

  29. bilal August 28, 2010 at 7:32 am #

    Sorry bushra we pakistani dont and cant hate indians if we and u call us muslims.As a human being they are our brother and sisters.and for indian people its clear atleast as a nation we are not friends.Due to political stability and better education level your country is growing economically and is become important for the world oterwise is facing almost the same problems as pakistan is facing.
    i wont go into history and alligation n not going to discuss causes every one knows everything n no one can persuade other.please go on
    its my view that interest of nations will leads to the start of wars inthe world.if its wouldbe between india and pakistan both countries will destroyed and world will see the misery of the peoples of both nation(two brothers were fighting for the allocation of their father wealth both has disagreement one kill other and the other one was hanged,Alas resources remains there but no one to use such resources).if war would be between world powers then two groups will emerge and india definitely would be in americans group and pakistan in other result will be the same india,pakistan and world powers will be distrowed and guess who would left …….countries like Malta

  30. Ayaz Munir September 2, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    Well throughout the article u said that Pakistanis hate India , but what message u gave to the the World by writing such an article which only contained criticism on Pakistan . Now coming towards the points u made yes , Everyone knows that till 14th August 1947 Pakistan didn’t exist , but the reason u tell due to which Pakistan came into existence is wrong , till 1940 Quaid-e-Azam M.A.Jinnah had not demanded Pakistan , he was the person who was known as the “Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity” than why did he demand Pakistan , it was because our rights were not being protected he had always said that give us our rights give us our rights but the Congress didnt he struggled for the Rights of Muslims for decades & finally made the decision that Pakistan must be created & it was those Gandhi & Nehru who were the main cause not Quaid-e-Azam why didnt they pay any attention to our rights , we only wanted sufficient seats , same rrefoorms in Baluchistan & NWFP like all other provinces etc . It was also seeming that by 1946 Quaid-e-Azam was thinking of quiting the partition plan as he tought that maybe their rights can be protected in India but it was Nehru who clearly said that this wouldn’t happen by going against cabinet Mission , so who is to criticized Quaid-e-Azam M.A.Jinnah aur The Congress

    • Indian June 25, 2011 at 9:55 am #

      Dear Ayaz,

      There is this book called “Freedom at Midnight”, by Larry Collins and Dominique La’Pierre. It has been banned in Pakistan, by your government for the fears of unleashing the truth.

      The same book is considered to be the most detailed and authentic description of the independence and partition of India, globally. The authors are eminent people and there are historical proofs for every fact they have mentioned in the book. Most of the proofs are in the British archives, museums and the personal archives of Lord Mountbatten.

      I’d sincerely advice you, and other rational Pakistanis to download and read this book once (as you won’t be able to purchase it in Pakistan), and get to know the real story.


      An Indian, who has some interest in history of his land.

      • LOVE July 2, 2011 at 4:35 am #


  31. Ayaz Munir September 2, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    Moreover u say Quaid-e-Azam couldnot have ruled over Unpartitioned India , well if he wanted to rule over India why did he demand only 1/3rd seats for Muslims as he would have only gained the votes of Muslims as Muslim League was a party of Muslims so can a person rule with only 1/3rd seats no impossible . Coming towards the other points mad e by You. First of all I think that uhave a pathetic thinking that u allow the Works of the person who killed Your father of the Nation to be published just beacuse it contained hatred toward s Pakistan . & as per your saying that Pakistanis hate India , & u quoted a woman saying
    “I grew up in Pakistan and we were always taught to hate India, Israel and America. Our school books described Christians, Jews and Hindus as evil people, and unfortunately most Pakistanis exhibit a lot of hatred because of this. I was ashamed when Pakistanis celebrated on the streets after innocent people were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks“

    “Women in Islam do not have any freedom and four women are considered to be equal to one man.”
    Well u only speak rubbish we Pakistanis dont hate Christians , they are well represented across the Country & do u know that many of the major People of Pakistan including Pervez Musharraf, Yousuf Raza Gillani , Rashid Minhas etc all have studied from Christian owned schools , so if we hated them than would we have sent those who became leaders of Future to Chrsitian owned schools , the percentage oof Christains in your country & our country is almost the same & many Christians have been killed in India , they have been raped, Killed. But what about Pakistan we dont do any such act they are very safe in Pakistan , except one Gojra Incident in which only 8 people were killed (including Muslim & Christians both ) no other thing has happened & the Government acted very fast in case of Gojra incident as well . As per Hindus well we dont even hate the Hindus as well they are the largest or second largest Minority in the country with a very large percentage in Interior Sindh & they have never been killed nor tortured nor rapes . They Hindus who come from interior Sindh to Karachi for Higher education are more than the Muslims coming from those areas so this shows that the areas where Hindus live in Pakistan their they are more successful than Muslims . As per Jews well Yes its a reality that Jews are hated by many amongst us , & the reason is Israels illegal creation , the Palestinians were the ones who gave them home when they had been kicked out from Germany by Hitler , when they Jews came they kicked the same Palestinians out of their home & made it their own country Israel & they took away illegally our Holy City Jerusalem & since than they have killed several innocent Palestinian Muslims as well as Lebanese Muslims , so if someone has done this much wrong against a community surely that Community will hate them & the second statement which you quoted that Islam gives no Freedom to Women , well it is impossible any Muslim will say this how can a Muslim criticize his own religion & at least no Pakistani can say this thing so this is all fake , & Islam gives equal rights to both Men & Women , the rapes of Women are lesser in Muslim countries than Non-Muslim countries so what you wrote is fake , The Quran is clear that there is no difference amongst Sexes

    • kumarmohit September 12, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

      Dear Ayaz,
      If Islam gives same right to women and men , then why a man can marry 4 women, why not a women can marry 4 men??

    • BRUISED INDIAN October 1, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

      You are so deep in denial! May I please attract your attention to the following details?
      1. Haris of Sindh;raped, tortured and forced labor. Am not saying this – Dawn news ran a documentary.
      2. Sikhs of NWFP forced to pay Jizziya (Islamic Tax on non Muslims whereas Islam forbids Taxation and Interest).
      3. Forced conversions of off age Hindu girls. Read the Police Reports of Interior Sindh.
      4. Forced Marriage and coercian of Hindu girls and shouting Taqbeer in courtrooms.
      5. Sikhs beheaded in NWFP.
      6. ONLY 8?? God Damn it you rile me up – you kill one Human you kill entire Humanity – am not saying this, The Quran says this.
      7. Christian Punjabis are forced into temporary labor in govt positions in Pakistan; why? If they work over 150 days in a year they will become permanent employees and will be given state benefits. I am not saying this – Geo News is.
      8. As far as Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir are concerned – dont go around poking your nose in these countries affairs! Clear your own home grown mess.
      Food for thought – Pakistani’s keep ranting about Iraqi Muslims being under occupation – guess Effing what? Saddam Hussein had almost severed ties with Pakistan. He hated you guys to the core! Yasser Arafat was more close to India and Indira Gandhi! The Chechens hate and despise you Pakistani’s! Kashmir, well, the less said the better!

  32. Ahlam September 12, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    UGH PAKSITANS CAN BURN IN HELL I HOPE THEY ALL DIE ( Not the good ones tho =] )

  33. Punjabi October 22, 2010 at 3:50 am #

    Is India next super power in Asia? Yes they are leading the world right now with more then 3 million homeless, more then 1 million alone in Mumbai. Yes they are going to be super power once they kill all Punjabi’s asking for FREE Khalistan, Kashmiris asking for Free Kashmir, Mao’s tribe for Free Mao’s and Dillat’s in Upper Perdesh.

  34. paki4lyf01 January 12, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    i h8 any1 hu h8s Pakistan
    Pakistan was meade on the name of Islam
    Pakistan and all muslim countries Zindabad

    • Shaheed October 21, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

      Pakistan is the epicenter if terrorism. Porkistan has been punished in Kargil and 2 more fights after independence.You bastards are unable to tell your next generations that what is your culture..history and civilization. How can you tell that your ethinicity/culture belongs to India whom you fools separated in the name of relegion. You are same like a illegal child born confused/shamed over its birth. You pork have supported killings of innocent Mumbai people and including many innocent muslims in India… . Sale suar ki aullad ..hamare sabr ka imtehan mat le..hamar dimag kharab ho gaya na…to tumhare ghar mein ghus ke tere gaandmaar lenge…..tumne Pak Islam ko to badnaam kiya hai…. Hamara janaja pad ke pakistan chale gaye the….aur ab kashmir ko Islam ke naam pe le ke hame phir se alag thalag karne pe tulee ho…. You bloody bastards have involved in killings and supporting killings of maximum muslims in world. Jiinah paaglo aur chutyo ki duniya ka king tha…. Chutiye ne muslims ko marwane ki shuwaat ki thi aur tum kutte log use continue kar rahe ho… Tumhare country mein Masjid mein bombs attack hotein hai… Sharm karo… Tauba Tauba…. Long live Islam . Long live India.

  35. Enough February 4, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Lets Stop it with a conclusion..

    Pakis mind ur business.. kill all the hindus there, then turn to christians, nd budhists… then ahmedias nd so on ….
    u guys bomb rape, loot do whatever u want but IN UR PAKISTAN.. dont u dare eye my prosperous country or mind in our business..

    also stop sending terrorists across the borders.

    Dont think we Indians are tollerent. If we retaliate, u can be rest assured we will erase u from the face of this earth. There are so many young boiling Indians who are ready to die for this country. Dont push us Over the tolerance limit.

    Jai Hind

    • IB April 4, 2011 at 7:35 am #

      Thats so true…… I agree with you ……

  36. iam an indian March 23, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    can we just get over it ?

    my message id to all indians ,,
    stop replying to any of the shit any1 says about our country,,
    ignorance is best way to insult any one ,,

    cheap u talk cheaper u become ,,

  37. Ramesh April 16, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Pakistan’s problem with terror is to be blamed on Pakistan & Pakistan Itself. The Author has simply blamed India & US for the problem it created itself. First Pak should tell the truth in their history books what they teach in schools starting from Primary Schools, this is how they are brain washing young kids to hate India by falsely claiming every ill that get’s into Pak’s way. The Military, the ISI and the Gov of Pak they are all India centric, they will never get it. Jihad is not a way to achieve anything, Jihad is self destructing Pakistan than any other country in the world, the Literacy rate is pathetic amongst Woman which is hardly 2-3% in some parts of Pakistan & also what the pak officials say about their literacy is totally untrue, it is mere 20-30% not more than this, also u cannot call a person literate if he simply writes his name. pak gov is counting a person literate for any person who can sign his name in any language. It is very wrongful to boost the real picture of literacy in Pakistan. Also, the Madras a is another hate mongering tool for Pakistan to hate other religion, especially Hindus/Christian’s/Jews. Well Pakistan wants aid from India/USA during floods & earthquakes, Pakistan take those countries aides and send Islamic trained Militants to Kill the Innocent citizen’s of US and India. Pakistan has become a begging Nation because of their false education system & hatred towards India. I wonder why the author was so much bashing India for Kashmir problem, It is Pakistan which is sending trained Islamic militants into Indian Kashmir & killing the innocent citizen their, it has become a habit for Pakistan to send this kind of terrorist to India, but that is hitting back to Pakistan only in a much brutally. As statistics prove that the number of deaths due to terrorism is more in Pakistan than any part of the world. Pakistan can not stand India’s Economic Might & its technological advances in literally almost all fields Pakistan cannot even come close to India, by destabilizing India using terrorism is going to cost Pakistan more than to India. There are no leaders in Pakistan to correct the mistake that they have done in the past and move forward into a decent modern world. I would say Pakistan should follow Malaysia rather than Sudan and Somalia. Pakistan is getting closer to Somalia except that Pakistan has Nuclear Bombs. Having Nuclear Bombs should make a country more stable & strong, but in case of Pakistan it is the opposite. I wonder 5 or 10 years from today will Pakistan be the same are will it be several countries? This could be known only after 10yrs. Solution to Pakistan is to stop sponsoring terrorism around the world and make friend’s with their neighbor’s and improve their economy by building more schools where teacher’s are present along with the school’s instead of Madrasas. Madrasas are going to be a disaster for Pakistan to control in few years from now, just imagine every town’s & villages will be governed by these ignorant goons(Taliban’s) Pakistan should increase woman’s literacy rate are else, woman in Pakistan will be left behind compared to other developing countries. Situation in Afghanistan is getting better now than what it used to be before 2001, at lease in Kabul we could see woman mingling & going to school, colleges & doing lot of social activities compared to what it was before more & more afghan’s are getting better. Even in Afghanistan Pakistan is creating problem by training the Taliban’s by pak’s ISI & Military, this is going to backfire soon, once the Afghan people realizes what Pak is doing for their country. Pakistan is poisoning the young minds of Afghan’s by propaganda against Hindu’s/Christian’s/Jews as though the other religion is going to overtake Islam in Afghanistan and make it too liberal. Pakistan should stop blaming India for every failure Pakistan is facing. Stop using the tax payer’s money to fund terrorism, use that money wisely to spend on education and building your country rather than destroying by spending on military, Pakistan should stop fear mongering their citizen by falsely propagating that India will attack Pakistan. India will not go to war with Pakistan, India is not interested in Pakistan, India has its own problem like poverty, illiteracy, corruption etc…Nobody in India wants anything to do with Pakistan. Regarding Kashmir Pakistan should stop sponsoring terrorism it is only killing kashmiries & it is not doing anything to solve poverty in Kashmir. First Pak should try to keep the other provinces in control before trying to grab Kashmir from India. Kashmir will be part of India for the future 1000’s of years there is no doubt about that. I wonder if Pakistan will be there as it is now which claims as Pakistan in another 10yrs.

  38. Gopal May 11, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    Jinnah did a big favour to the hindus.Today we have 150 million muslims and they are making us mad,what would happen if the numbers were 450 million? the country would have gone to the dogs.Not that it is much better now,but it could be worse than hell.

  39. pakistani May 23, 2011 at 7:09 am #

    You indians are a total joke. Either your blind or your really clever at denying the reality of your country. Everyone who has ever been to india knows its a complete shithole. There’s trash all over the streets and families living on sidewalks for generations. You may think your country is prospering and you guys are soon-to-be world super powers but your not even close. World super powers dont have a below the poverty rate of 75%. People all around the world are aware of the poverty crisis in india,but for some reason even though you people live in india you seem to be completely oblivious to it. Are you guys seriously trying to say that all religions are treated equally and fairly in India? Seriously? Everyone knows about the reality of how muslims are treated in india. Even many of your movies are made about the issue of muslims vs hindus in india and your coming here and bsing about how “india never discriminates against religion”. Get real. Even in slumdog millionaire (btw I have no idea why you guys are proud of that movie, because it completely exposes your reality) they showed how mobs of hindus attack muslim villages. Surely you guys must have heard of the Bombay riots,or the Gujrat massacre of muslims, so please stop faking this muslim and hindu friendship in india for the sake of making yourself seem like peaceful country in the international spotlight, and get your facts right. We may have tones of problems in pakistan aswell, but at least we’re not hypocrites like you people, we dont bash others for things that happen in our own countries, we admit it instead of faking it, like you people have always done. The reality of india is that almost all of your states hate each other and seek independence. You use media (mostly through bollywood) to reflect yourself as a beautiful, peacful, prospering country while in reality most indians are poor as hell and your whole country is a huge dump. You people have a huge inferiority complex about your country and culture, most of your movies reflect how desperately influenced you people are by western culture, theres nothing indian about indian movies anymore. Most of them are made in foreign countries because you guys are well aware of how dirty your own country is, its all just another way of making yourself seem like your prospering but we all know what the reality is. I am more than sure that this article was written by a hindu indian as a pathetic attempt to let out his inner frustration over pakistanis. But say it was written by a pakistani woman, it cant possibly be true. According to her, the school books tought them to hate christians. What school books? the one they have in christian schools? because i know for a fact almost almost all of the good schools in pakistan are christian schools. Its ordinary for kids from muslim families to study in christian schools including my parents and many of my aunts and uncles, so whoever wrote this needs to atleast do a little bit more research. Being a pakistani woman I assure you, a pakistani woman can accomplish anything she wants in pakistan. Pakistan has had a female prime-minister, Benazir Bhutto, and a female parliament speaker, Fehmida Mirza. Sure some families are more conservative and dont allow girls to pursue careers, just like in india. The author should have blamed her own family for not allowing her freedom, not pakistan, because Pakistan allows women enough freedom to rule the country. It saddens and angers me when I come past ignorant indians like you, because i know many indians are good people, but some of you guys just need a reality check and just need to stop obsessing so much over pakistanis. We grew tired of you people and made our own country, get over it. Whats really funny is that some of you are actually mistaken that us pakistanis are jealoused of indians. I will always be greatful that im not an indian, for as long as I live. I dont care how many problems there are in my country, I always stay real and proud of being a pakistani, I dont hate indians, I just hate anyone that hates pakistan.



  40. Joby John May 25, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    Dear Pakistani,
    I appreciate your feedback, what were you written in this page. And also i appreciate your patriotism. And also you mentioned that you not hate all Indians, very happy to hear such good sound from the Pakistani guy. , Actually on before 1947, we fought together for freedom as like good brothers, then after partitioned both nations make angry each other. I‘m not like to go on that chapter. What happen now, i want to say only about those things. Still we didn’t make any terrorism on your nation, and also we didn’t encourage any terrorist group in our country against yours. But what your ISI doing in Pakistan occupied Kashmir; they gave training to many terrorist group and ruined your Muslim brothers life. And many terrorist group head office is in Islamabad. Just like you person stand against and make peace. Last month also Pakistan army shoot on our territory and killed our soldier. Latest news said that David Coleman Headley confessed that ISI officer major Iqbal insist him to attack Mumbai airport. We can’t hide the truth for long. Brother, you think what we done to you, nothing. Please don’t think about the wars, we are not fight with your nation. We defend ourselves to protect our people and our nation.
    And also you mistaken that Muslim brothers are not safe in our nation, that’s not true. I have so many Muslim friends, they are all doing good job and lived here peacefully. Once you come to our nation and see our life , don’t abuse on before that, I’m a Christian and also I’m a good Indian. We like peace with whole world. I think you’ll understand what i written on this page.
    Jai Hind

  41. abhishek May 31, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    i just saw this post and comments on it. let me be true.. yes even i have started disliking muslims now.. but because i have no other option.. i had muslim friends i used to be good to thm but after kasab and headley , osama , lET , al – quida.. m actually very dissappointed with these muslim people.. you all have completely destroyed ur religion.. and i think quaran was not about killing people.. i felt bad after knowing that some incidents took place in india too that showed not good behavior with muslims.. but know the full story.. all the accused have been punished.. but what about kasab.. india is still not hanging him.. u know y.. cz majourty of people think that if we do so.. the muslims in india and pakistan will not feel good.. i know its bull shit as even muslims in india wants him dead.. but i bet after killing him.. u will send another bastard to kill innocent men.. buddy how will u feel if someone unkown enters your house and kills ur child.. will you not get angry.. and come to india.. i bet if u dont tell tht u r frm pakistan.. but u r a indian muslim.. u will not face any problem in nythng.. yar so many muslims r in this country.. if we would have been bad to them.. thn u would not have needed to sent kasab.. vo hi india khatam kar dete.. but still india stands as a strong country.. if u r talking about being super power.. buddy most of the richest people r from india.. what does pakistan have.. oh sorry u had osama.. nd u have many more like him.. AND MOST IMPORTANT.. this whole kashmir thing.. ny pakistani will a cool mind and no bad intentions.. can tell m
    e that why the hell do you need kashmir ?? but let me give you a reason that why india cant give it.. india spents millions on kashmir every month.. to save it from you.. even if we give it to you.. you will not be able to handle it.. and then america or any other country.. would attack you.. and take kashmir.. u pakistanis cant to anything with kashmir.. we know no harm to world.. coz you dont have that much money to use the potential of kashmir.. but other countries if they get a chance to take it from you.. they can attack ny country from there.. make it a port of nuclear hazard.
    moreover you muslims demanded a sepration.. we gave u a nation.. nw headley says that he was angry cz india seperated pakistan.. tell me your true feelings that why do you hate india so much.. ??

  42. HATE July 2, 2011 at 4:08 am #

    indian water and indian girls always run towards TO pak
    we pakis are not jealous of u guys…..i swear i dont care if my country is not richer than yurs but I CAN SAY MY COUNTRY PEOPLE ARE MORE CLEANER THAN URS AND WE CUT OUR HAIR….WE R NOT LIKE UUU CREEPYYY DIRTY INDIAN , THOSE WHO LET HAIR GROW…………..

  43. HATE July 2, 2011 at 4:16 am #

    PakistaN hate you guys because people think indiana nd pakis are same……….and we pakis knows WE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT NATION ……WE BELONGS TO ARAB AND PERSIANS AND YOU FUCKING INDIANS BELONGS TO SOME DIRTYISTAN……

  44. HATE July 2, 2011 at 4:24 am #


  45. Brissy boy July 12, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    Fuck Paki basterds i was playing a video game the other day & a paki fag said USA -1 PAKISTAN 3000 in other words he was saying that usa killed osama 1 point …. then he said musilims destroyed the twin towers 3000 points…. now thats fucked up! & im not even from america

  46. Pakman July 25, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    Bla Bla Bla….
    India can only Barkkk!
    Keep doing it Bitches.

  47. pak zindabad September 8, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    r u talking abt jinaah’s idea of partition was an evil andhindu hatred based then wat abt the sikh revolution of asking a seperate land because of which countless innocent where killed.And there leaders were assaninated.
    And what about the innocent muslims killed on defending thier religious place .
    Dont show me dat india is a land of peace.
    And last thing to you, is dat if we pakistanis didnt had our independence and most impotantly after it the nuclear power nation we could hav been easily vanished from our land like the chichniya ,iraq,and now a days eygpt .

  48. Cow piss drinker September 23, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    How come India ALWAYS threatens Pakistan, but, never actually ever does anything??? They attacked our parliament, we threatened, but did diddly shit….. They attacked Mumbai, we threatened, but did diddle shit!!!! WE R cowards and the world knows this too!! I live in uk and there isn’t a Brit that says or asks y hindu’s don’t revenge against Pakistan??? they have now come to conclusion that Muslims,prepared to lay down lives for faith and country….. Whereas Indians full ofnwords but NO action, basically…. Cowards!!! Americans think off us as little Gandhi type skinny transitional wearing wanks, only reason they talk to us is to keep china in check, otherwise, believe me they wudnt even piss on us. WHY do Hindus drink the urine of cows?? I saw it once on a bolleywood film…….. SICK man!!

    No wonder everyone hates us!!

  49. sss September 23, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    pakistanis and their muslims are really a big piece of a shit….!!! they drag islam into everything even inside the toilet…..ya allah!! spit on ur face you dumb filthy illeterate pakistani people…shame on u………u are dogs.ur dirty napkistan,porkistan,pornistan,papistan watever will die just bcoz of ur stupid criminal islamic mentality..keep marrying 3 womens and u will have nothing to eat other than to beg…stop this hatred towards india,US,ISREAL,RUSSIA,UK,EUROPE,the whole world…and we r ready to stand by u..if u continue you will be destroyed and allah will never forgive u all for this stupid mentality because islam says peace not hatred which you are adopting……..

  50. peace lover... September 23, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    pakistanis and their muslims are really a big piece of a shit….!!! they drag islam into everything even inside the toilet…..ya allah!! spit on ur face you dumb filthy illeterate pakistani people…shame on u………u are dogs.ur dirty napkistan,porkistan,pornistan,papistan watever will die just bcoz of ur stupid criminal islamic mentality..keep marrying 3 womens and u will have nothing to eat other than to beg…stop this hatred towards india,US,ISREAL,RUSSIA,UK,EUROPE,the whole world…and we r ready to stand by u..if u continue you will be destroyed and allah will never forgive u all for this stupid mentality because islam says peace not hatred which you are adopting……..

  51. Rimsha September 24, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    I am a Pakistani and I do not hate India, yes, some of the things in this article were true but most of them were not. For one that marriage issue, number 2 Jinnah’s political hunger. I so want to buy the Indian studies book since in our book we only read the bad side of Indians (which definitely creates hate) and the good side of Pakistani’s (which i think is not possible, mistakes were made from both sides)

    About every Pakistani hating Indians, every Indian hates Pakistani equally which some of the comments about show clearly.

    About this woman’s interview i can only feel sorry for her lack of knowledge & lack of understanding.

    “Mind you i am not writing this to spread hatred” you are writing this but you are unintentionally creating hatred if it is not your purpose. As for every one “knowing” about Indians and their History, I don’t think you are entirely aware of the Mughal era. The britishers created the hate by starting that East India Company and ending the Mughal rule.

    “We have always teached (it should be taught here sir not teached) the world about peace and may be this is what we get back.The people who were once part of our country are sowing seeds to destroy us.Why is it so?”
    We were once a part of “your nation” weren’t you a part of ours as well? And this is what you are writing? Didnt 5.5 Hindus migrate from Pakistan to India at the time of partition? As for the Kashmir issue it has a Muslim majority, they want freedom too, India is interfering there so you needn’t mention that.

    We write and read articles, believe in them, the woman, this article talks about 1 woman who is anonymous. We can also mention Indians who do not believe in their own religion and are only following it for the sake of their parents (I am not insulting the Hindu religion here, every religion deserves equal respect, faith and respect are different, also there are a lot of Muslims who are being forced into this, sadly)

    Also about JINNAH’s POLITICAL HUNGER, it seems to me that in India also the good side of Indians is taught and the bad side of Muslims, the other way round, so for one you cant talk about Pakistani’s being taught hatred for India. And u yourself agree that if India-Pak would have been united then Jinnah would not have had the opportunity to put his skills into practice? “who hated Hindus and knew he would never be in the Government if he had to rule free and unpartitioned India.” I ask the people reading this article isn’t this unfair? A person who WAS capable of creating a whole nation not being in the government? This is one big personality not getting the job what about the million anonymous Muslims who didn’t had the talent half of his? So how can you be in favor of united India, the war that officially ended in 1947, you wanted it to continue?
    Again, i can mention a lot of reasons why Pak was created why our leaders struggled for it but that would only show the “holy” side of ours and the evil side of Indians which wont be just, due to my lack of knowledge i have to look over a lot of things I can say.

    Islam is a great religion, present day Muslims are so not (majority). Indians have a lot of good qualities no one can look over.

    I read a comment here by Kartik, again u mention the bad sides of our nation (they were true ofcourse) what about Achoots? They are not even given basic human rights? Veena Malik was there representing our nation wasnt she? The way she acted and posed I dont think that needs any commenting on, as for Islam talking about killing Hindus i think you will agree that so many people who had a brain would not have accepted it without a reason like Mohammad Ali (boxer) and Malcolm X. Also if you would’ve read the TRUE Islam, attacking any nation even Hindu nation is not allowed, beginning a war is never allowed, if any nation attacks only then it is, even in that case it is not allowed to hurt children and women. Reading Quran in Arabic and understanding it is different, a lot of people reading Quran, reciting it (Maulvi’s particularly) dont even know the meaning of it, Muslim’s fault of course. Islam is not represented by the present day Muslims, the true Islam has been lost for centuries, sadly, we are only wearing a mask of Muslims but our actions are not the ones they ought to be. I am not here to fight but i am sure the moment this comment will be posted people will be there to argue.

    Both nations have a bad side but using abussive language here only illustrates your personality.

    Its time to get over the old prejudices.

    • Rimsha September 24, 2011 at 1:32 pm #


  52. Rainmaker October 25, 2011 at 7:03 am #

    Why is it India always ‘threatening’ Pakistan…… But, neverbhaving the balls to do anything??? It is a well known fact, around the world, that the ‘hindu’ race is a weak vegetarian based cow piss drinking race who r not worthy of any recognition !!!! This isn a direct quote from any American republican politian. The only reason America is warming upto India is to keep china in check, otherwise, they wud not have the cowpiss time of day for u little veg darkies. Y cant u produce any fast bowlers??? Lol. And learn how to make films using ur how pea minds instead of copying everything!!!!!

  53. Furqan October 26, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    see the Thing is no one hates any one with out a reason ……..if you go back to like 64-66 years back you will understand that …this hate between Pakistan and India is embedded into our hearts by the Britishers and if you observe it happened in every country they left ……………and the ideas was Kashmir and river distribution and many more…we fought many time with each other just because of Kashmir …..no one Like war, no one like to see their brother killed .

    If you say that we have terrorist inside us

    i can also say that you have many terrorist in India too ( bajrang dal) this party killed like 5000 Sikhs and burnt them alive they entered a village and killed every one they saw there women ,men child’s every one they burnt them and killed them with sword these are two events of which i have prove and there are many other events like this which not even on record …………..

    so the thing is no country is perfect but we can make it perfect by leaving history behind…..

    if you ask about america and Israel yes we hate american Government and their force they are attaching Muslim countries But we like american people they are kind and very friendly
    About Israel Yes is say we hate Israel their Government and there people this is something very complicated.We have a hated relationship with them and will always be like this,this hated has history long before India and Pakistan existed .We don’t like them.They don’t like us.The prove is ,you remember the Bombay attack’s and india was thinking to attack Pakistan that at time Israel gave India their F 16 and some new technologies and they ensured India with full support when attacking Pakistan this shows the hated of Israel against Pakistan.

    Sorry for bad English

  54. yusuf khan pukhtun November 2, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    women in hinduism has no rights hinduisms’s ram said that women have very tiny brains and cant do anything right going further rama’s mother had sex with a horse all night forced by her husband that and hinduism also allowes burning wife allive with dead husband called “sati” tradation. hindus also sacrifices there own childeren to crocodile god. In Dharmasastra, which is a Hindu moral and legal text(all women are whores):Good looks do not matter to them, nor do they care about youth; ‘A man!’ they say, and enjoy sex with him, whether he is good-looking or ugly. By running after men like whores, by their fickle minds, and by their naturallack of affection these women are unfaithful to their husbands even when they are zealously guarded here. Knowing that their very own nature is like this, as it was born at the creation by the Lord of Creatures (Prajapati), a man should make the utmost effort to guard them. The bed and the seat, jewellery, lust, anger, crookedness, a malicious nature, and bad conduct are what Manu assigned to women. There is no ritual with Vedic verses for women; this is a firmly established point of law. For women, who have no virile strength, and no Vedic verses, are falsehood; this is well established. Manusmrti 9:14-18.

    In the Brhadārankyaka Upanishad scripture(advocating rape):Surely, a woman who has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period is the most auspicious of women. When she has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period, therefore, one should approach that splendid woman and invite her to have sex. Should she refuse to consent, he should bribe her. If she still refuses, he should beat her with a stick or with his fists and overpower her, saying: “I take away the splendor from you with my virility and splendor (6.4.9,21).

    In the Smriti(method of turning women back to virgins):”A woman who has been unchaste should worship Siva in his calm aspect, Siva who is Kama. Then she should summon a Brahmin and give herself to him, thinking, ‘This is Kama who has come for the sake of sexual pleasure.’ Andwhatever the Brahmin wishes, the sensuous woman should do. For thirteen months she should honour in this way any Brahmin who comes to the house for the sake of sexual pleasures, and there is no immorality in this for noble ladies or prostitutes.” — Matsya Purana 70:40-60; cf. Mahabharata III:2:23.
    hindu religion also allowes more than one wife hindu sciptures says rama’s father had more than one wife according to hindu scriptures krishna hindu god had more than 16000 wives. arjuna had 3 or 4 wives. krishna’s father Vasudeva 18 wives. So according to the Vedic system polygamy is not prohibited. But it is not a farce also. Every wife must be provided for sufficiently. so why cant a muslim mary 4 times
    mohit kumar read your religous books then talk about islam. and about pakistan dont talk you indians are responsible for terrorism in our province khyber pakhtunkhwa. 3 years back indian spy was aressted who was a fake imaam of a mosque in a village in khyber pakhtunkhwa who in reality was a hindu indian spy

  55. Lijoy November 11, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    dude ur Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the whole world. u pakistanis are a buch of kids.
    i had started watching cricket since MARCH-APRIL 2011 since i saw India vs pakistan semi final. I Prayed to God that let India win. n India won n pakistan took 9 wickets whereas India made pakistan all out. I just loved this match more than the final. i hope u watch wrestling because this match was like The rock(pakistan) vs John Cena(the Champ n India)

    now back to the point pakistan’s flag is like islam i have only 1 question regarding tht topic why? my question is WHY IS pakistan’s FLAG like Islam? because there r many Hindus n Christians then why is it? because majority of the people in India are muslims

    n one more thing whos this fucking Mr jinnah(dickhead) he is a bitch he is the reason for separating pakistan from India. like these people should be killed like Ghaddafi. but no instead u morons kill Christians n Hindus. i have many friends who are muslims but i like their attitude very nice frnds

    n last but not the least Our God is u peoples prophet lol. u people want us 2 join ur religion but guess what? v r not that dumb like u dumbasses.

    goodbye fucking dickhead

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