Beauty ??

3 Jun

“Everything is beautiful if your vision is…!!.. Beauty is in the eyes … not in the view..”

Beauty is the inner reflection of our soul.. that’s what i feel..its the need of heart.. the missing part from one’s life. That’s what we find beautiful.. Beauty gives us satisfaction .. a feeling of completeness…I believe beauty is in every form, every aspect of life…When I was kid.. the world was amazingly beautiful, because i was exploring it.. The butterflies , whom i used to chase in the garden… smell of the lovely flowers.. even the smell of wet mud.. where i used to play.. Play like i was part of this nature.. irrespective of thought of being dirty..The beauty was in when i went to school…in morning prayers.. in afternoon lunch and hanging out with friends., and when i came back and hugged my Mom..The beauty was in that food.. that though cooked by same person, daily felt like nectar.. that I never feel , even i dine at best restaurants. The beauty was when i first fell in love.. in her eyes.. in her smile and in the beauty of that face .. The beauty was in dreams those drive me still today.. in that feeling..that i love her and want to be with her forever my life..and the beauty is in this feeling…Today.. I am successful.. working in this materialistic world..diverging away from the beauties of my life..My childhood.. My family.. My Love.. That’s what’s missing and that’s what’s beauty for me..


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