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Delhi in timeline

13 Dec









Delhi In 1800’s

13 Dec

Delhi In 1800's

Join the Open Govenment Discussion

20 Aug

What is open governance? Know more about it. Join the discussion. Your views matter the most

Geo Deal

19 Jun

Location smart deals for you and your busines..

Location Smart Deals for your business

12 Jun

There is a trend of daily deals website in the market. With so many daily deals website, it might be hard to choose. An another startup in this field is based on a concept of location smart deals. The idea is nice, which amalgamates the idea of classifieds into deals concept. Something like you might check out on daily basis whats new near your place. Well if you are getting a discount of 50% on some service that is bit far from your place than its a waste. The deal must be near your location.

I really liked this idea. Hope you find this startup useful..

Beauty ??

3 Jun

“Everything is beautiful if your vision is…!!.. Beauty is in the eyes … not in the view..”

Beauty is the inner reflection of our soul.. that’s what i feel..its the need of heart.. the missing part from one’s life. That’s what we find beautiful.. Beauty gives us satisfaction .. a feeling of completeness…I believe beauty is in every form, every aspect of life…When I was kid.. the world was amazingly beautiful, because i was exploring it.. The butterflies , whom i used to chase in the garden… smell of the lovely flowers.. even the smell of wet mud.. where i used to play.. Play like i was part of this nature.. irrespective of thought of being dirty..The beauty was in when i went to school…in morning prayers.. in afternoon lunch and hanging out with friends., and when i came back and hugged my Mom..The beauty was in that food.. that though cooked by same person, daily felt like nectar.. that I never feel , even i dine at best restaurants. The beauty was when i first fell in love.. in her eyes.. in her smile and in the beauty of that face .. The beauty was in dreams those drive me still today.. in that feeling..that i love her and want to be with her forever my life..and the beauty is in this feeling…Today.. I am successful.. working in this materialistic world..diverging away from the beauties of my life..My childhood.. My family.. My Love.. That’s what’s missing and that’s what’s beauty for me..


Share your views about beauty and what it means to you at

Are you corrupt?

11 Apr

While we cherish the moment of victory of Anna Hazare’s movement over the Government of India, Its time to take a look inside us and ask a question … Have I done anything in my life that has promote corruption? Well if I ask this question to myself the answer would be Yes.

What about you?


But if I reflect the points of my life where I have done such thing, I remember the situation demanded me to move away from trouble. This is the case where I bribed a Police Officer to leave me as I was not wearing helmet while driving, else he would have ticketed me.

The point is, corruption starts from us, and it can end with us only. The politicians are also a part and parcel of the society. Greed and Lust can make any person corrupt.

Corruption can only be uprooted with a good moral education and strong ethics and character. This is what our education system currently lacks. We teach students to be successful, by hook or by crook. We don’t teach them to be true or have a good character. Our education system is materialistic not based on moral and characteristics.


Getting started with cake php in 10 minutes

31 Jan

so you got 10 minutes.. learn how to use cake php :)

Best wordpress themes to display your online portfolio.

30 Jan

Blue Bubble


View Demo



View Demo


Work-a-holic is a free minimalistic two and three column WordPress theme that focuses mainly on showcasing portfolios for artists, web designers, photographers and illustrators. Work-a-holic separates your portfolio from your blog, enabling easy navigation for clients in a clean, intuitive fashion. It also has a separate sidebar for portfolio (shows recent projects) and a separate widgetized sidebar for the blog and pages.


Fotofolio WordPress Theme


View Demo

Portfolio WordPress Theme

“Portfolio WordPress Theme” is a wordpress theme designed for web portfolios and (for now) just for web portfolios. It is coming with an Administrative Panel from where you can edit the head quote text, you can edit all theme colors, font families, font sizes and you can fill a curriculum vitae and display it into a special page.


View Demo


Use as a standard blog or use the customized homepage layout, as shown in our demo, that you can activate via our options panel


View Demo

Sharpfolio: WordPress Portfolio Theme

Sharpfolio is a WordPress theme designed to enable Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Artists or any creative professional to showcase their work in a simple, clean, beautiful portfolio. Sharpfolio aims to focus primarily on your work, because after all, this is what’s most important.


View Demo

Portfolio Press

This is a dark-colored theme suitable for anyone who wants to create a quick portfolio or wants to showcase his work through WordPress. The theme is fully CSS/XHTML validated, WordPress 2.6+ ready and comes with easy to modify code.


View Demo

Desk Space


View Demo



View Demo

WP Coda


View Demo



View Demo


AutoFocus is a WordPress theme specifically for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online.


View Demo



View Demo

Free Photo Gallery


View Demo

Grace Photoblog


View Demo

Vivee WordPress Theme


View Demo

Nishita – Free Photo Blog WordPress Theme


View Demo



View Demo


Viewport, a free WordPress theme created by Paul Bennett is focused around a clean and simple, content based layout. The aim is to grab the user’s attention and draw them straight into the content.


View Demo

How to create your portfolio using wordpress.

30 Jan

Setting up a portfolio is very easy. You just need to be selective. People think that its a technical stuff.. but with wordpress it is much more easier. Just follow these steps and you can create your portfolio in just 5 steps.

An example of portfolio website is

Get webspace and book a domain

Having a personal webspace and domain is very important. Its just about branding. Brand yourself, Branding yourself is the best thing to promote yourself.

Install wordpress

WordPress is the one of the best open source publishing platform. Its simple and easy to manage and easy to post and publish. The best thing is that it have a lot of free features available. With lot of free plugins and themes, it is easy to manage wordpress.

Install a Free theme

There are lot of free themes available, these themes can be used to create your personal portfolio, that can be used to display your work easily.

Some of the sample wordpress themes are here

Upload your work.

Upload your work, if you are a photographer, you can upload your photos to flickr and display them in wordpress, this helps you save the space. You can upload your videos to any other website and embed them in wordpress.

Rock on!!