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The politics of Sepratist.

11 Sep

Hmm… I mostly believed( and I still do) Kashmiris are INDIANS, but I think these people (the sepratist) dont want to  believe it. For what reasons..!! What is the benefit of seprating Kashmir from INDIA. A person with a good vision of future will always neglect that.

Quoting from a news

The protests are a form of referendum showing that Kashmiris want freedom from India,” said leading separatist and key Muslim cleric Umar Farooq,

The politics of seperatist is to divide a region, rule it (as they helped it to divide it) , earn money in name of blessing ” their ” people.

I dont understand meaning of “their”.

What is the interest of dividing kashmir..

I will be shattered, burned raped, with no defense and inexperienced government.

Do the people living there lived always there. NO!! most of them are immigrants from other countries including persia.

A few of them used to live in Kashmir that are the in habitants of Kashmir, for centuries, called Kashmiri Pandits. They are living in exile from their motherland. WHY?

And those people arent “their” people.

Its time that we realise what is important for all. Not for a bunch of people. If Kashmir will be seprated , it will be sold to Pakistan, China will feast upon it.

Lets not make another mistake by separating  it.

Shame on those!!! who dont consider themselves INDIAN.

I still believe that most of the people living in Kashmir consider themselves INDIAN.


Worship wins over Violence

14 Aug

Quoting from a news item..read more here.

“Undeterred by the violence and tension that have created deep divisions in Jammu and Kashmir, the two-month-long Hindu pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave shrine is drawing to a peaceful end – helped no less by Muslims at every step.”

Muslims have acted as porters, guides and hosts to more than 600,000 Hindus who have this year undertaken the arduous trek to the Amarnath cave temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity, in the south Kashmir Himalayas.

This year the number of pilgrims has been record-breaking, an official said, adding that in 2003, a record 500,000 pilgrims had visited the temple shrine when the pilgrimage was first extended to a two-month period.

The moral of this news is that neither muslims nor hindus residing in kashmir hate each other.With several years of their coexistence they always have walked arms in arms.This all hatred is spread and supported by pakistanis in name of islam and Independence of kashmir.

It is a step by step progression to root kashmir out of india.We have to do something to stop this.

Amarnath Land Issue

12 Aug

Read this letter to The Honourable President of India-

To:  Honourable President Of India

“It is a matter of great shame for the nation which calls itself secular, that a land of about 800 acres can not be given for construction of temporary sheds for the Amarnath pilgrims at Baltal in Kashmir province of Jammu and Kashmir state. The political leaders of valley have been exploiting the issue just to fulfill their political motives and have been playing with the beliefs of millions of Hindu’s living in and outside India.

We would like to bring a fact to your notice that The Forest Minister in the Cabinet was from the PDP, a coalition partner in the government. Yet they (the PDP) refused to accept responsibility for the joint decision (of allocating forest land to set up temporary structures for facilities for Hindu pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra). The PDP (which is led by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed) played electoral politics of the lowest kind by hitching its voice to the Hurriyat objections, and pulled out of the government And above that Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad (who held the post of Chief Minister) revoked the land order back while his government was in minority.

Moreover, when Islamia Univ was to be constructed at Rajouri and Kashmir, the state govt gave them forest land and that too free of cost. But the Amarnath Trust was told to pay 2.5 crores of rupees for constructing temporary sheds during the months of Yatra.

Respected madam, we would like to put another fact in front of you that the city of Jammu has been burning since last one month. The JKP (Jammu & Kashmir Police) has been continuously beating up peaceful protesters and killed two of them by opening firing on a procession. I request you to take necessary steps so that peace be restored in this state and land be given back to the Amarnath Trust.”

For full clarification

click this

Adding fuel to fire…..

Muslims to build Jamia Masjid at Baltal?

The Amarnath land row, which has put the entire region of J&K on the boil for over a month, is all set to become serious with the Muslim community planning to build a huge Jamia Masjid inside the Baltal camp. Lakhs of rupees have been collected..
YES, THE controversy over the construction of concrete structures at Baltal by the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) is all set to become serious with the revelation that the Muslim community of the area will construct a huge Jamia Masjid exactly at the campsite at Baltal. In a press release, the Jammu and Kahsmir Peace Movement (JKPM) expressed grave concern over the development while on the other hand, Kashmiri Muslims said that construction of any kind at the site would pose the biggest threat to ecology. Meanwhile, they are in the process of constructing a huge Mosque inside the Baltal campsite where pilgrims camp. The issue, which has put the entire State on the boil with the twin regions burning for over a month now is set to get worse with this new revelation likely to add fuel to the fire.

A press note issued by Krishan Koul, chairman of the J&K Peace Movement, expressing his grave concern over the recent statements by some political forces of the State, added that the construction of Jamia Masjid inside the campsite with the help of local contractor Shajan and his brother at Baltal was a ploy to create another controversy and damage the secular fabric of the State. Supporting his argument with recent photographs of the site, Koul said that while interacting with the locals of the area, one Bashir Ahmed told them that the construction of the Jamia Masjid would start once the Yatra was over and lakhs of rupees had already been collected for the said construction. Koul has requested the administration to take serious note of this development to avoid another controversy, which might pose more problems to it.