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The politics of Sepratist.

11 Sep

Hmm… I mostly believed( and I still do) Kashmiris are INDIANS, but I think these people (the sepratist) dont want to¬† believe it. For what reasons..!! What is the benefit of seprating Kashmir from INDIA. A person with a good vision of future will always neglect that.

Quoting from a news

The protests are a form of referendum showing that Kashmiris want freedom from India,” said leading separatist and key Muslim cleric Umar Farooq,

The politics of seperatist is to divide a region, rule it (as they helped it to divide it) , earn money in name of blessing ” their ” people.

I dont understand meaning of “their”.

What is the interest of dividing kashmir..

I will be shattered, burned raped, with no defense and inexperienced government.

Do the people living there lived always there. NO!! most of them are immigrants from other countries including persia.

A few of them used to live in Kashmir that are the in habitants of Kashmir, for centuries, called Kashmiri Pandits. They are living in exile from their motherland. WHY?

And those people arent “their” people.

Its time that we realise what is important for all. Not for a bunch of people. If Kashmir will be seprated , it will be sold to Pakistan, China will feast upon it.

Lets not make another mistake by separating  it.

Shame on those!!! who dont consider themselves INDIAN.

I still believe that most of the people living in Kashmir consider themselves INDIAN.